The i-need project is a free and innovative mobile application through iPhone, Android and website where you can apply and find any free artisan or workman based on your own criteria at the time you need him. Includes a complete and updated network of professionals with the most useful properties for the home or office such as ( Plumbers, Conditioning technicians, Electricians, Technicians gas fuel, Refrigerator technicians, Elevator technicians, Craftsmen alouminioum - iron, Wood craftsmen, Craftsmen plasterwork - plaste, Occlusions - Sewer Cleaning, Decontamination, Insulations, Shade awnings - shading, Glazier, Locksmiths, Computer Technician, Electronics Technician, Floors, Building, Shutters - Garage Doors, Car Garage, Motorcycle Garage, Roadside assistance, Tire service, Electricians, Lpg Placements, Bodyshop, Carwash, Gas Stations, Parking, KTEO, Fireplaces, Transports - Movings, Block Management ). All you have to do, is to download our FREE application.
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